GACC(AQSIQ) special pages

GACC(AQSIQ) Certificate

Documents required for GACC(AQSIQ) Certificate:

1, Application form ( We will send you after signing the contract)

2,Color scan of ISO9001 certificate( We will help you it in first step)

3,Notarized business and tax registration files (By Chinese embassy in your country)

4,Photos of your offices (Processing sites if you have)

5,Color scan of ID certificate or passport of legal representative’s

6,Other detailed documents are prepared by us

Application process:

Step1: Singing the cooperation contract with us

Step2: Arrange your advance payments for application (usually in 50%)

Step3:Provide documents needed by email or fax

Step4:We will audit your application materials

Step5:Our expert will compile Quality Management System files

Step6:We will send you documents need to be signed and stamped by email

Step7:Mail original notarized documents and other paper works

Step8:Provide all docs to GACC(AQSIQ) department

Step9: Paper works audition by GACC(AQSIQ)

Step10:Issuing GACC(AQSIQ) certificate

Step11:Pay the balance payments


Documents required for GACC(AQSIQ) certificate renewal:

1,GACC(AQSIQ) renewal application form

2,Notarized business and tax registration documents

3,Photos of your company and processing sites (If you have)

4,User name and password of your GACC(AQSIQ) on GACC(AQSIQ) electric system

5,Copy of CCIC certificate in last three years (At least one types in each year)

6,Color scan of passport or ID certificate of legal representative’s

7,Other detailed paper works are prepared by us.

Note: GACC(AQSIQ) renewal application should be done 6 months in advance. Let us know if any information changed on your license before renewal.

GACC(AQSIQ) Certificate Address Change

Office address change application:

1,Application from

2,User name and password of GACC(AQSIQ) certificate on GACC(AQSIQ) electronic system

3,New photos of your new offices(Processing sites if you have)

Company registration address change application:

1,Application from

2,User name and password of GACC(AQSIQ) certificate on GACC(AQSIQ) electronic system

3,Notarized business and tax registration files (By Chinese embassy in your country)

4,New photos of your new offices(Processing sites if you have)

GACC(AQSIQ) Certificate Company Name Or Legal Representative’s Name Change

Documents required for company name or legal representative’s name change:

1.Application form

2.User name and password of GACC(AQSIQ) certificate on GACC(AQSIQ) electronic system

3.Notarized business and tax registration files (By Chinese embassy in your country)

ISO9001 Certificate

You have to get ISO9001 certificate before GACC(AQSIQ) application.

Documents required for ISO9001 certification:

1,Application form

2,Copy of Business License

3,Departments information (Company should be classified into several departments, as General Manager,Purchasing department, Inspection department,Administration department, Processing department if you have)

4,Purchasing/sales records ( Contracts)

5,Other detailed documents are prepared by us

Application process:

Step1: Singing the cooperation contract with us

Step2: Arrange your advance payments for application (usually in 50%)

Step3:Provide documents needed by email or fax

Step4:We will audit your application materials

Step5:Our expert will compile Quality Management System files

Step6:We will send you documents need to be signed and stamped by email

Step7:Provide all docs to ISO agency

Step9: Paper works audition by ISO

Step10:Issuing ISOcertificate

Step11:Pay the balance payments

Note:Time to get ISO9001 certificate is around 1-2 months and no audition will bring.

ISO9001 and GACC(AQSIQ) Certification

GACC(AQSIQ) Certificate and ISO9001 Certificate

According to China Regulations and laws, waste materials suppliers have to get ISO9001 before GACC(AQSIQ) application. For example,if you want to register waste plastic on your GACC(AQSIQ) license, then the scope of your ISO9001 license have to including processing or trading of waste plastic Lets see how to apply ISO9001 certification before China GACC(AQSIQ) application Benefits of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certification:-

1. Increased Efficiency

2. Increased in Revenue

3. Good Employee Morale

4. International Recognition

5. Factual Approach to Decision Making

6. Supplier Relationships

7. Improvements in Documentation

8. Consistency of Processes

9. Improving Customer Satisfaction Level

10. Improvement of Processes

Certification Process

I. Application for assessment – All the necessary information will have to be first provided by you. Then, it will be followed by a quote from us.

A) Quote & Application – The application process will only begin after your organization agreed to the quotations, all the terms and conditions, the certification assessment dates,the audit team makeup and also after the audit schedules have all been developed and agreed upon by you.

B) Stage 1 -This is the first process in assessing your management system. The auditors will assess all the documents and any other related requirements as specified in the standards .You will need to accept the auditors’ assessments prior to the planning of the stage2 assessment process.This process will be carried out on site.Then, reports will be issued by the auditors as proof of the assessments that they had just carried out. This will also indicates to you the progress made in your organization during the ISO certification process. Stage 2 will be planned upon closing of all the improvement areas that have been raised during stage 1 assessment, if any, otherwise the stage 2 audit will be discussed during the end of stage 1 assessment.

C) Pre-registration assessment- This “Pre-assessment” maybe a good optional process that you may opt for prior/after to (Stage 1).It is design to prepare you for the management system certification assessment process. During this process, areas of concern will be identified to you up front and addressed (before/after the commencement of stage 1/2.)

D) Stage 2 - On-site management system assessment (Main Assessment). During the assessing of the management certification assessment process, the following should have taken place:

i) The documented system has been reviewed.

ii) A complete cycle of internal audits have been performed and the results are covered in the management review.

iii) All pre-identified weaknesses in the system has been effectively corrected and closed. The assessment will be carried out on all processes that have been defined in the management system. The assessment methodology will be through interviewing with relevance personnel, sighting through records and verifying through practices.

E) Registration of certificate. - After the successful completion of the Stage 2 auditing process,the on-site management system assessments, the recognition on the compliance of the management systems to the standard by the auditors, recommendations for certification will be forwarded for reviewing and approval by certification panel. Prior to the review and approval process, all outstanding issues will need to be fully addressed first.

The surveillance assessments will be happening on a 6 or 12 months basis. The assessment process is to determine the maintenance, inform the management organization of the latest updates and recommend continuously improvements on the management systems.

For more information about GACC(AQSIQ) license and ISO9001 certification, please visit www.GACC(AQSIQ).org

GACC(AQSIQ) in China: What Exporters Must Know ?

In recent years, China has implemented stricter import regulations due to various reasons. The increased number of imported goods, domestic scandals and adoptions of Western standards are just some of them.

It’s important as an exporter to have a sufficient knowledge about governing organs, that introduce new regulations and standard. But, the truth is that many foreign exporters have a little or no knowledge about them.

In this article, I present one of the biggest quality management institute in China you should know about -GACC(AQSIQ).

What is GACC(AQSIQ)?

GACC(AQSIQ) is an abbreviation that derives from The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and grants approval for imports of a wide range of products.

Moreover, it controls inspections, quality controls and has a great power in decision making.

As an exporter, it’s crucial to be aware of the organs that control quality standards and certifications in the country where you export your products. As mentioned, GACC(AQSIQ) is one of the major quality management institutes that every exporter should be aware before they ship goods to China.

In short words, GACC(AQSIQ) is a big player when it comes to entry/exit inspections of goods, food safety for imports and exports, certifications and standardizations in China. The institute is governed under the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and controls other major subsidiary bodies as well.

So how’s the organization built up?

The organization consists of 19 departments, 15 direct affiliates and 10 associations. Almost 130.000 (!) people work within the organization, a number comparable with many companies listed on the Fortune 500 list.

For your reference, I’ve listed some of the 19 departments that operates within GACC(AQSIQ) below:

  • The department of Quality Management
  • The department of Supervision on Health Quarantine
  • The department of Legislation
  • The bureau of Import and Export Food Safety.
  • The bureau of Special Equipment Safety Supervision
  • The department of Supervision on Product Quality
  • The department of Supervision on Food Production
  • The department of Law Enforcement and Supervision
  • The department of International Cooperation (WTO affairs)


Worth mentioning is that GACC(AQSIQ) administers two other major entities in China:

  • CNCA (The Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R. China)
  • SAC (The Standardization Administration of the P.R. China)

The entities work with quality management and have major responsibilities for quality assurance of imported products as well.

The GACC(AQSIQ)-certificate

Before you export to China, you need to make sure whether the GACC(AQSIQ) certificate is needed for your products.

The certificate grants that your products are tested and satisfy the quality and environmental standards, if required. You might end up in troublesome and costsome situations if you become aware of this too late.

For example:

The Chinese customs can seize or demolish the goods if a certificate is required but missing. The following product segments can be obligated to have an GACC(AQSIQ) certificate:

  • Special equipment (e.g. pressure vessels, boilers, pressure pipelines, elevators)
  • Products that have the CCC-mark
  • Textiles and carpets
  • Scrap materials
  • Paper, printing and packaging
  • Household goods, furniture and furnishings
  • Electronics
  • Food and drinks
  • Chemicals

Note! The list is updated continously. Be sure to collect the latest information before you start exporting any products.

And don’t forget:

Even if the certificate isn’t mandatory for your products, it can still help you to diverge from competitors, giving you an edge.

The certificate shows that you work pro-actively with production quality measures and meet environmental requirements.

The application process and fees

People often ask how they can receive the certificate. Well, the application process is not the easiest as you need to fill in 17 (including in the Chinese language).

Let’s review an example of the application process for a foreign company who wants to export scrap materials, for example:

  1. Submission of application to the department for supervision on inspection
  2. Examination of the application. Additional materials to be submitted within 30 days if you haven’t met the requirements needed. If the examination shows that you are not compliant to receive the GACC(AQSIQ) certificate here, a Non-acceptance notice is issued
  3. If the examination shows you’re compliant to proceed, an Acceptance notice is issued
  4. A more detailed evaluation is executed. If the requirements are not met here, a rectification must be done within 30 days. A Notification of Failure is issued if you can’t meet the requirements, i.e. your registration is not compliant
  5. If the evaluation is okay, a certificate can be issued directly. Though, in some cases on-spot assessments are required prior to the certification

The cost you need to pay for the first application stretches from USD 0 to 3800, depending on what products you plan to export, and if you are a member of GACC(AQSIQ) or ISO 9001.

A membership in GACC(AQSIQ) or ISO 9001 requires the same application costs, except for food and cosmetics, where you need to pay 300 USD for the latter one (it’s free to apply if you are a member of GACC(AQSIQ) whatsoever).

If you are not a member, the fees will be around 2-3 times higher in comparison with an enterprise that have an ISO 9001 membership. You get a discount of 20% on your second application and 35% on your third, in the long run you’ll save a lot of money.

CIQ – China Inspection and Quarantine Services

To manage entry/exit inspections and quality controls all over China demands a lot of work and administration. Therefore GACC(AQSIQ) has set up 35 so called CIQ-offices (China Inspection and Quarantine services) in 31 of China’s provinces.

These offices support GACC(AQSIQ) (the mother organ), for example, with inspections and quality controls.

The CIQ-offices have a vast network of laboratories (over 3000 to be more accurate) and make sure to secure the quality of products imported to China.

In addition to the CIQ offices, there are several hundreds of local offices and branches that operate close to harbors and airports to manage inspections and quality assurances.

You can find local CIQ offices by searching the internet

I recommend you to read my separate guide that explains more about CIQ.

FDA and GACC(AQSIQ)’s operational agreement

I want to show you how important GACC(AQSIQ) really is and how it’s cooperating with foreign organs outside the borders of China.

As you’ve probably heard, the US has an institution equivalent to GACC(AQSIQ) called FDA (The US Food and Drug Administration).

The two entitites have collaborated since 2007, when their first contract was signed. The main purpose of the agreement is to establish a closer relationship between the entities, working more closely.

Hence, they can work continously to enhance the quality of food and other imported products that are traded between the countries.

The agreement includes the following points (And can be found on FDA’s website):

  • Make it easier for FDA to classify high-risk products that are imported to the US from China.
  • More focus on high-risk products that are frequently exported from China to the US.
  • Improvement of inspection processes for companies that produce food.

Since the first agreement was signed, FDA has opened offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. FDA and local Chinese authorities have seen remarkable improvements in communications and cooperation since the establishment of the offices.

In the future, we will hopefully see more similar agreements between China and other foreign countries.

How can you help me take the next step?

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