About us


Beijing Hongyun Law Firm is a partnership law firm approved by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice (Practicing License: 010005101080), English name: BEIJING HONGYUN LAW FIRM, legal registration place: Guangqumen, Chongwen District, Beijing9th Floor, China Environmental Press and Publication Building, 16 Main Street.Mr. Yu Yun has comprehensive and solid legal theory knowledge and rich experience in practice. He has extensive contacts with all walks of life, and his business quality and legal literacy have won the recognition of customers at home and abroad.The main business areas include: legal professional services in the field of environmental protection; full legal advice and services for various domestic and foreign investment projects; full legal services for international economic trade and technical cooperation; consultation on legal issues related to intellectual property rights in international and domestic trade,Participate in negotiation, validation, and production of various legal documents; establishment, operation, transformation, merger and merger of agency companies, project law research, and non-litigation businesses such as real estate and securities.As a comprehensive law firm, the constant innovation of the rhyme culture is the guarantee and the driving force of the outstanding quality of the rhyme brand. The rhyme lawyer will always follow the “innovation, professional service, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers and ensure the correct implementation of the law”.The fundamental purpose is to provide a wide range of high quality, efficient and timely legal services to domestic and foreign customers.

company culture

Hongyun Law Firm has an advanced service concept, a modern management model, and a serious and rigorous practice style. The company's practice is “resource sharing, team spirit, professional service, innovation, and customer's best interests”.In the increasingly fierce competition in the legal profession, the constant innovation of the rhyme culture is the guarantee and the driving force of the outstanding quality of the rhyme brand. Hongyun lawyers will always adhere to the principle of “aggressive, united and cooperative, honest and trustworthy” and abide by the “customer first”., rigorous and efficient, in-depth and comprehensive "practice creed, dedication to provide quality and timely legal services for domestic and foreign customers.

Origin of the name

"Photographing the mountains and rivers, welcoming the rhyme of the world"--The origin of the name of the rhyme"泓韵", but those who first heard of this name, feel good, easy to remember.For the mystery, it may not be studied.The source of "泓韵" lies in "taking the sorrow of the mountains and rivers and welcoming the rhyme of the heavens and the earth". This sentence tells the mystery of everything in the world, that is, those who conform to the objective laws, prosper; those who violate the objective laws, decline;More than that!Another layer of “泓韵” is derived from its homonym, namely “Hongyun”, which is intended to bring good luck and blessing to all customers and friends of Hongyun!"Photographing the mountains and rivers, welcoming the rhythm of the world" is a mixed statement between our partners and full-time lawyers and all employees.The intention is to remind all legal colleagues to continuously learn and improve in their work. Under the situation of China's political, economic and cultural level, keep up with the times, develop and innovate, use the most professional legal knowledge and the most efficient.The way of working and the most positive work attitude to serve customers and return to society to speed up the process of China's legal system construction!